Paradigm Shift in Real Estate Law

Real Estate Transactions Are Costly, Slow, and Error-Prone. We are changing that.

AI-Powered Document Screening and Management
Fast, accurate, and affordable with lawyers in the loop
Blockchain-powered Identification
Fast, accurate, and affordable with lawyers in the loop

Lexhom provides an automated, secure, quick and affordable real estate closing solution


Buyers and Sellers Need to know what they are signing

Fast and Reliable

Real estate closing should become automated, quick and secure

Easy To Use

With few clicks begin your closing process

Reasonably Priced

Average clsoing legal fee is $1000 in the market, we charge 20% of that

For Buyers and Sellers

Received the Service you deserve

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Lexhom’s software automates purchase agreement screening, as well as title transfers and tax calculations inherent in real estate transactions. Users can also generate simply worded contracts in various languages and have critical phrases or terms highlighted and explained.

Real Estate Transactions Should not Be Costly, Slow and Error Prone

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CBC, November 2021

"This [2021] is the busiest Year for Housing Market"

We make your family dream a reality.